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The consumer mentioned in this Agreement and the preliminary information form that can be accessed over the internet, but only for people who have been crafted and online live lessons, lesson videos, online unit evaluation tests, online setup online setup and Dec graduation exams, online assignments, online training materials in the nature of a “online English training” your item/service purchased. Other features of the purchased product/service and terms of use “ ” in the information contained on the goods/services promotion page on the website, the terms of access that are considered integral parts of this Agreement are as specified in the end user license agreement and the preliminary information form.

The subject of this Agreement; and belongs to the consumer from the seller “​” purchased electronically from the web site, this Agreement and prior information in the form of the aforementioned qualities, bearing specified in Article 1.3, the goods/services applicable consumer protection laws regarding the sale and performance, the provisions of the regulation on distance contracts and the Ministry of education private education institutions in accordance with the provisions of the regulation of the rights and liabilities of the parties determined.
The subject of sale to the consumer of goods/services, the main characteristics of the sales price, payment methods, such as are subject to sale of goods/services related to all of that is informed about the preliminary information, this preliminary information electronically approved electronically, and subsequently the goods/services purchase by the provisions of this agreement, agrees to provide. The invoice, which includes the preliminary information form and the cost of goods/services to be sent on behalf of the CONSUMER, is an integral part of this Agreement.

Between the consumer and the seller of this agreement by the consumer in accordance with the guidance on the creation of the order on the internet site preliminary information form electronically to verify and access to the distance sales contract, the term of the End-User License Agreement electronically before payment is made and approval of the regulation on distance Contracts 6. according to the article published on the Website; contract of goods/services the basic qualities, the total price including all taxes, the right of withdrawal, terms of use, Time, manner and the right of withdrawal may not be exercised for the carrier information and information about the situations examined, read, and declared that it accepts at the moment was concluded over the internet, and from that moment on, the terms and you will bear the consequences. A copy of the Agreement may be sent by e-mail to the CONSUMER's e-mail address.

After all these actions, payment for the order must be made. This Agreement has been concluded by the CONSUMER by being approved electronically on the website and entered into force immediately. This Agreement has been made for commercial purposes.

Teaching English online consumer purchase of “goods/services preliminary information regarding the reading and approve the form and sale subsequent to the approval of the sales contract with the completion of another process the sale on behalf of the consumer purchased online English training without the need to “goods/services preliminary information on behalf of the consumer and conditions for a specified time in the form that will open access to the internet with a user name and password will be created, and at this time the goods/services it will be delivered to the consumer. In addition to the goods /services purchased online, if the CONSUMER has also purchased printed materials, the goods will october delivered at the time of delivery of the printed materials to the CONSUMER.
According to the characteristics of the purchased product /service, the committed actions will be performed by the SELLER in accordance with this Agreement and the preliminary information form, as the details, duration and form are determined in the preliminary information form.

The CONSUMER has declared in writing that he has read, understood and accepted all the preliminary information about the goods / services before purchasing the goods / services he has purchased specified in article 1.3.

By purchasing the product / service in question, the CONSUMER has obtained the right to use or use it within the limits and conditions specified in the preliminary information form. Complaints and requests will be answered by the SELLER's technical team as soon as possible.

Preliminary information form electronically by confirming this Agreement and the consumer, of the distance contract from the contract to the consumer, which must be given by the seller's title, address, contact information, order goods/services basic properties of goods/services, the total price including all taxes, payment and delivery information and the right of withdrawal the right of withdrawal information obtained about the terms of Use and confirmed that it is accurate and complete.

The CONSUMER will be obliged to pay the cost of the goods/services subject to the contract and the delivery costs, if any, by confirming the order on the website.

Purchased CONSUMER goods/service, all regulations, this Agreement and each preliminary information form and goods/services (to be supplied by third parties, including goods and services) is a web-page that will use in accordance with the digital content is easily accessible from the end-user license agreement that goods/services of the copy won, won replication, processing, distribution, public communication, the subject won't retransmission, he accepts and declares that he will comply with all obligations, including civil and criminal clauses, within the framework of the limitations imposed on him in the applicable Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works on this issue.

The consumer purchased the Goods/Service in order to use a computer/tablet/mobile phone that is provided by a third party program/to install the app, internet connection speed and quality sufficient to be live online classes must exist.


The SELLER is responsible for ensuring that the goods/services subject to this Agreement comply with the qualifications specified in the preliminary information form, except for goods and services provided by third parties, are limited to the goods/services provided by him. jul.

The seller delivers the goods/services directly related to the fulfillment of obligations blocking; natural disasters, legal strike, global epidemics, war, a declaration of general or partial mobilization, transportation accidents, the occurrence of problems caused by software or from the respective suppliers of infrastructure services in the evening, except for cases of force majeure and so forth goods is responsible for ensuring the continuity of benefiting from.

If the delivery of the product /service is impossible for a reason not caused by the SELLER himself, he will be obliged to notify the CONSUMER within a reasonable period of time that the contract is impossible to fulfill, and to stop the service during this period. If the service is impossible for a reason not caused by the SELLER himself, and after the service is stopped, the SELLER calculates the cost of the service performed up to this date and deducts it from the total payment, and then returns the cost of the service that cannot be performed to the CONSUMER no later than 14 (fourteen) days at a time.

The SELLER also makes changes that will occur in relation to the goods/services in question “​ "it is obliged to announce it to all consumers on the official website or by any other method it will determine.

The SELLER is obliged to store information and documents related to each transaction regarding the right of withdrawal, information, delivery and other obligations under this agreement for 3 (three) years. The SELLER will also forward all the information and documents that he is obliged to store in accordance with this article to the e-mail address specified by the CONSUMER to him.

The seller of goods/services or for any loss or damages suffered as a result of any content that is presented with music, video, photo, software, equipment, or the content in error, damage or deterioration of the goods by the consumer and any copyright infringement resulting from the use of proprietary rights will not be liable in any way for.
The SELLER has the right, at his sole discretion, to make changes to any content presented with the goods, to remove and/or add content that he does not deem appropriate.


The SELLER does not guarantee to the CONSUMER that the product/service is available for uninterrupted use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and does not make any service or performance level commitment in this regard. Effective use of the product/service and all consequences of this use are the responsibility of the CONSUMER, and the SELLER is in no way responsible for the incomplete or incomplete results of the product /service expected from him or her, or for non-compliance with the subjective expectation of the CONSUMER, and for direct or indirect damages that may arise for these reasons.

The goods / services subject to the contract are provided by the SELLER on Behalf of the User for whom the CONSUMER has made the purchase, provided that they do not exceed the legal 30-day period after the CONSUMER has approved the Preliminary Information Form and the Distance Sales Agreement. The CONSUMER may use the goods/services subject to the Contract only with the User Name and Password defined in this Agreement and may benefit from other services provided by the SELLER.

If for any reason the cost of the goods is not paid or the payment is canceled by the bank, the SELLER is considered relieved of the obligation to deliver the goods and provide the service.
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